How to Turn an App Idea into Reality

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Have you thought of an innovative app idea that you believe could be a big success? Well, with our help, you can turn your app idea into a reality, as we are offering some top tips to help you develop a unique application that people will want to download.

Write Down Your App Ideas

Grab a notepad and pen, or open Microsoft Word, and start writing down all your app ideas and idea variations that you can think about. You should then flesh out each idea to detail the app’s features. Write down everything before you forget it, as you could soon develop the next big application.

Select the Best Idea

Once you have written down all your app ideas and variations, step away from the notepad or computer. The idea that sticks in your mind will more than likely be the best option to pursue, as there is a reason you can’t get it out of your head.

Conduct Market Research

Before you rush into developing an app, you must make an informed decision on whether it is a worthwhile venture. We recommend conducting market research to discover if your app idea has real potential. Start off by writing a list of pros and cons for the application. If it has cons, try to identify if there are any solutions to the problem.

You should then perform market research to identify if your application could provide a handy solution to their problems, or if you have any issues you might have overlooked. Gather feedback through surveys and focus groups to narrow down your target audience and their needs.

Understanding your audience will allow you to determine an app’s features. Learn as much about your customers as possible, so you can create an app to fit their needs. After all, it is your customers who will determine whether your app is a success or not. Keep all research, which you can use to grow your idea during the development process.

Create a Brand Name

It is important to develop a strong, recognizable brand name, which people can easily remember. Your market research or app idea could help you discover the best name for your application. The app’s name will also determine the design, features, and content. Consult a professional developer for assistance on how to successfully brand for an app, as they will be filled with knowledge and experience.

Create a Monetization Strategy

Making money is probably the driving force of launching a new app. You might be pleased to learn that there are a variety of ways you can monetize your idea. For instance, you can make money via in-app ads, subscription fees, sponsorship, in-app purchases, or user data.

Launching a paid app isn’t often the most profitable option, as you can make more money with in-app purchases or advertisements. It might, therefore, be a smart idea to create a free app with additional advertisement or purchase features.

Draw a Rough Sketch or Wireframe

Define the concept of the app by drawing up a rough sketch or wireframe, which will help to narrow down the app’s requirements. Grab a piece of paper and pencil to create a rough sketch, or create the wireframe using online tools. This will help you to perfect your app idea and list of features, while establishing the best navigation process. The sketch does not require any technical skills, but you will need to familiarize yourself with how navigation works in an app. The wireframe or sketch will, therefore, form the basis of how to build a mobile app.

Develop the App Idea

Once you have identified your target market and refined your branding, the fun can really begin. Yet, building an app will require the expertise of an experienced developer, who will have the coding skills you need to create and launch your app idea. Fortunately, there are many experienced programmers available who can develop a user-friendly app for Android and iOS.

Test the App Before Your Launch

Once a developer has successfully built your application, you must test the app to ensure it matches both yours and your customers’ expectations. As well as testing the app in-house, we recommend gathering a focus group to also try it for themselves. Take the time to show potential customers how the app works, and ensure that the aim and features are clearly explained. Listen carefully to their feedback, as their constructive criticism could help you to make the appropriate tweaks to ensure the app’s success.

Launch the Application

Once you are happy with the design and features, you can officially launch the application. Ensure every box is ticked off your list in the run-up to the product launch, so you will provide your customers with the highest quality product.

Start Promoting it to Your Target Audience

Hitting the launch button is bound to be exciting, but it can be a bit of an anti-climax if no-one is engaging. You must, therefore, strive to promote an app to targeted groups to encourage downloads. For example, you can run teaser campaigns on social media before a big launch on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, or you can promote it in an email newsletter, guest posts and through marketing influencers.

Continually Adapt the App

Consumer behavior will change, which is why you must constantly research the market and emerging trends. This will allow you to make the necessary updates to the application, which will ensure an app never lets a user down, so they will turn to your product time and again. If you fail to do so, you can guarantee they will uninstall the app from their device.


Building an app will take a great idea, plenty of passion and hard work. Not only must you have a unique concept, but you must learn more about your target audience, while developing a solid strategy to monetize your application, market your product and adapt to consumer needs and changes.


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