So You Want To Make An App?

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So You Want To Make An App

Making an app is an artform nowadays. We haven’t always had them, but they’ve been around in a basic form for a good couple of decades now. Ease of use and reliability keeps people coming back to them, and having an offline feature to keep you occupied when you can’t be in contact with the rest of the world is one of the main ways we stay interested in what all these different apps have to offer.

However, with the amount of creative freedom on the market these days, there’s so many ways to make an app and make it relevant to your target market. Here’s some things for you to remember to include in you basic outline, and then build on them from there.

Be Prepared for the Worst

Being in the app business is rarely described as fun. Weeks, months, even years of work, and all you return is a few thousand, and that can even be alongside marketing for your product. If you’re not well known, or have a following behind you already, people are unlikely to look into you, as effort is always better spent elsewhere in their minds.

So the consumer always indicates what apps works and what don’t. Even if you think you have a great idea everyone will be invested in, you’re going to struggle to gain some traction on it. Unless people think they need it as well, they’re not going to go looking for you and what you offer. So, you need to know how to market your app properly, which is where the majority of the legwork comes in.

Put a lot of faith into your online presence, as you need to be both flashy and approachable. Most apps get a couple of reviews in the store, but that is often the extent of public reaction to small names and brands. Have something that makes you stand out, whether in your name, thumbnail, or in your social media campaigns, and you’re going to catch people’s eyes more than someone with a simple verb in the title to explain what the software does.

Make Sure You Can Work Alone

If you don’t know how to code, or you only have a very basic understanding of what to do when it comes to app development, it’s time to put that to the test. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of every stage of making a program, and then be able to keep up with the design of it as it goes along, hitting every roadblock and curveball it can.

It’s quite simple to start learning, but keeping up with this is the hard part. You can find plenty of classes online for free, and there’s always plenty of free and paid apps out there for you to indulge in when you have the time. 

Make it Fun!

You may think this doesn’t apply to you, but everyone likes to have fun! Whether you’re developing a business, educational, or gaming app, having a fun and friendly interface and mechanics to use immediately gets people interested in you. Nobody wants to see something boring and straight laced when they’re surfing the app store, no matter how productive you think it looks to the outside eye.

Even in the most procedural apps out there, you can always add in a function to keep people interested for a lot longer. If there’s an element of fun to an app, such as mascot that’s cute or sarcastic, or you can play music whilst you use it, people will leave more favorable reviews and you’ll garner more of a loyal following. Take something like the Final Fantasy XV app, which is another title in a long running series because it got to the market early on and had plenty to offer in the way of good times. Follow in these footsteps and really listen to what your market wants, as the only way to impress them is to fulfill their expectations and take these even higher.

Making an app is a lot more work than we first think. It’s not just about writing out the code or the storyline or enabling a listing feature to allow people to update a to do list when they first open up their phone in the morning. Don’t fall into a trap of development limbo because you ran out of money or help because you couldn’t handle something yourself; you need to have the capability to carry production right through.

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