Five Ways to Avoid Downtime In Your Web Design Business

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Five Ways to Avoid Downtime In Your Web Design Business

For web designers, their laptop or desktop is the sole livelihood of their business, and if it breaks, becomes slow, or infected, they face missed deadlines, angry customers, and loss of money. To help you make sure you avoid downtime and keep your computer working as it should be, we have created a few tips for you to implement today.

1.   Backup Your Files

It is important that you create a backup daily on the cloud and an external hard drive. You don’t want to lose days’ worth of work, just because your computer hard drive or processor failed. You will always need to save your backups on an external drive or a cloud account, such as G Suite, so you can retrieve them when something goes wrong with your laptop or computer.

2.   Invest In Computer Security

If you consider your computer as a money making machine, and you should, make sure that you keep it safe. Computer security software, such as malware protection and antivirus programs should be installed on your work computer or laptop, and regularly updated. Without this service, your files will be vulnerable to attacks from outside your office, and you can lose all your work, in the worst case. Make sure that you keep your company’s data and customer details safe from hackers.

3.   Create a Contingency Plan

If the worst happens, and you need to get your computer or laptop repaired, you need to have a backup machine you can work on. If you have your files backed up on the cloud system, you can simply log in from another machine and continue the work, so you don’t miss any deadlines. If you don’t have a spare computer, make sure you know where to hire one for a few days, or you will be in trouble. If you need spare computers, you can look into equipment financing options to make your purchase more affordable.

4.   Upgrade Your System Regularly

Windows and Apple usually automatically install security updates, but you need to check your settings to be sure. Your software installed on your computer or laptop will also need to be updated, as companies regularly issue bug fixes that reduce the vulnerability of the program to external access. Consult with an IT professional to find out how you can maximize the security settings of your computer.

5.   Have a Computer Expert On Call

You might want to sign up for a monthly servicing package with a computer repair company, so they can maintain your equipment and upgrade the your systems regularly. You can save money on callout fees, and can take advantage of faster repairs if you have an agreement in place.

When your computer is in use most of the day, faults are almost inevitable. You want to make sure that you have a plan for when it happens, and a company that will take care of your security system and backups. You must protect your intellectual property, designs, and apps, as well as your customers’ information.

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