Movavi Video Editor vs. Windows Movie Maker

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Movavi Video Editor vs. Windows Movie Maker

One of the most widely-used video editors is Windows Movie Maker – due to the fact that it was included in most previous versions of Windows. While it has been discontinued it is still possible to download and install it – but is it really worthwhile?

If you’re looking at alternatives to you may want to consider Movavi Video Editor instead. In fact, why not compare them side-by-side to see how they stack up:

  • User interface

One of the best aspects of Windows Movie Maker is its clean and simple user interface, which Movavi Video Editor shares. With either software it is easy to navigate and find features, due to the intuitive approach present in them.

  • Input and output support

While Windows Movie Maker supports most video formats as input, its output is severely limited and it can only save videos in specific formats. Additionally it doesn’t support 4K videos at all, and does not take advantage of Intel Media Acceleration to improve its performance. On the other hand Movavi Video Editor supports pretty much any input and output video format, including 4K video – and utilizes Intel Media Acceleration fully.

  • Capture options

If you’re hoping to record additional audio or video, you can only do so via a microphone or webcam in Windows Movie Maker. The options on Movavi Video Editor are more diverse however, and will let you record audio and video from webcams, TV tuners, VHS players, HD camcorders, and much more.

  • Editing features

Generally Windows Movie Maker is designed for basic editing, and will let you process video footage and fix some issues. In contrast to this Movavi Video Editor has many more features, including more filters and special effects, a better selection of animated transitions, callouts, stickers, presets to insert captions, and so on. It even has many automated adjustment tools and an intuitive ‘Timeline’ mode that will make editing videos easier.

  • Support

The only way to get support for Windows Movie Maker is via their email or forum. On the other hand Movavi Video Editor has that as well as many FAQs, how-to guides, video tutorials, and live chat assistance available.

As you can see from this Movavi Video Editor vs Windows Movie Maker review, the former is superior on pretty much every front. The only real area where Windows Movie Maker has an advantage is in the fact that it is freeware. That being said if you’re looking for a way to create impressive videos, it is worth investing in the affordably-priced Movavi Video Editor – considering how much more you’ll be able to do with it.

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