Two Reasons Why it’s Vital You Teach Computer Security to The Next Generation

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Teaching The Next Generation Cyber Security

For those that have stayed technologically up to date throughout the rise of the digital age, there are basics of technology use that have become ingrained. That may be due to the fact that older generations retain that mistrust of the unknown and so maintain a healthy awareness of risk when staring at the screen of their various devices. For the next generations, for whom technology has become normalized and a simple part of day to day life, it seems that their attitude towards the dangers of the internet and those elements that use it to commit crimes, is in need of highlighting. By teaching the importance of online safety, we can ensure that the next generation of tech experts is able to identify the danger areas quickly and react accordingly.


As cybercrime continues to grow in terms of real-world news headlines, individuals, private businesses and governments are all fighting to be on the front line in the fight against the cybercriminals. With the more recent attacks reaching new levels of sophistication, the race is on to stay ahead with both tech and manpower resources. The protection against cybercrime is a growing industry, with the most security-conscious companies protecting themselves with hardware and advice from experienced companies such as For tech-savvy students, the career options are plenty. There is currently a skills shortage amongst those fighting against cybercrime, and so training and support for this career is becoming more and more prolific.

The evolution of our connected lives

As we live more of our lives online, and become connected in ways that were unimaginable even a mere decade ago, those that use technology need to be aware of the risks. By knowing the most popular ways of getting access to your data, the next generation will learn to protect itself. Especially as they become more aware of the basics, such as simple password selection and the dangers of clicking on an unknown link. As much as we fear the elusive cybercriminal with a gang of hackers, the simple fact is that many cybercrimes could have been safeguarded against by having a less obvious or more randomized password. As the next generation seems to become as much digital creators as they are consumers, it seems clear that our reliance on technology is not going anywhere, and that staying up to date on security trends is vital.

There is a skills gap forming between those that work in cybersecurity and those that are entering the job market, and steps have been made by governments (and even organizations as diverse as the Girl Scouts) to address this issue. By teaching the basics of coding and cybersecurity to the next generation, we are supporting the fight against the cybercriminals and ensuring that we stay one step ahead at all times. Our relationship with technology and our awareness of its capabilities for both good and for bad, is as essential today as English and Maths were 20+ years ago.

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