How to Deliver a Top-Notch Business Presentation

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Top Notch Business Presentation

It’s only natural to feel nervous when presenting something important to a group of important people. Your words start to jumble around, your feet move aimlessly side to side, and your hands begin to tremble. However, your audience has taken the time out to listen to you, so you can’t just run away.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. With a bit of good advice, some helpful supporting material and the right attitude, you can nail your presentation like you’re the next Steve Jobs. Contained below are three important aspects of your presentation that you can work on to seal that million-dollar deal.

Think Further Than Your Cue Cards

Many people make the mistake of simply ensuring they know the words they’ve typed on their cards, sync it up with the slideshow and end it there. However, this approach will almost always result in a monotonous, much less personal speech that leaves the audience feeling as if their presence wasn’t even acknowledged, especially if you have nothing planned for after your presentation!

If you already know who you’re going to speak to, ensure that you know their personalities. Don’t try to fill every second paragraph with a joke if you know the audience is only there to talk business. In the same light, don’t be too corporate if your audience wants to develop a closer relationship with you. Also, be prepared to answer questions afterwards and consider the next steps.

Have Great Supporting Material

Younger generations can look back to their school years and remember how they probably chose the first default layout in PowerPoint, copied and pasted their text into the allocated spaces and hit the save button. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in the real world. The supporting material you choose to take with you can make or break your presentation.

Take presentation folders for example. The ones you get from your corner shop or make at home will ultimately end up being flimsy and having poor print quality, which doesn’t paint a pretty picture for your audience. Getting a higher quality set of luxury folders from a website such as will leave your audience a lot more impressed thanks to the silky-smooth quality and overall sturdiness of the folders.

Ensure You Have Their Attention Right from the Beginning

Being nervous right at the beginning of your presentation will ultimately result in you rushing through the first few lines and not providing much for your audience to grab their attention. They will feel a lot less compelled to take you seriously or continue listening if you don’t make a good first impression. You don’t need to be extremely loud and dance all over the floor, but being a little more captivating from the start definitely helps.

Sure, being confident will help, but if you don’t have a solid speech, quality supporting material and a great intro, your confidence will take a nose dive. Read over your lines a few more times, add a funny quote or remove a bad joke and you’ll do just fine. And if you still fail, there are a million other investors out there ready to take on your great idea.

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