What To Know About Maintaining An App

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What To Know About Maintaining An App

Once an app is developed and available for download, the hard part is over, right? Not quite. Maintaining an app is often one of the most challenging aspects of development, and it’s something you need to be prepared for.

After you develop an app and it’s published, you’re going to have to keep paying for it, so this needs to be integrated into your budget.

First, why is it important to make sure your app is maintained? You need not just downloads for a successful app but also Daily Active Users. A big measure of app success aren’t just those initial installations, but instead the people who are coming back. If users aren’t getting updates they expect, they’ll uninstall the app.

There are specific approaches such as continuous integration, recommended by development firms like Buildfire. As well specific ways to manage approaches to maintenance, what else needs to be considered?

What Is App Maintenance?

There are a lot of different elements that go into app maintenance. It can require updating the available version of an app to make sure it’s in line with the operating system, as well as for third-party libraries. App maintenance can also include fixing bugs and keeping security updated.

Other things that often fall under the umbrella of app maintenance can include not just the updates but monitoring, marketing, and customer support, although this may be something handled elsewhere.


Sometimes app maintenance is done as a way to scale up the functionality of the app. For example, if your number of users is growing, there may need to be changes and updates made to address this.

As well as just generally making sure an app can handle an increase in the number of users, there are also things such as payment processing and server costs that need to be factored in.

Continuous Engagement

Continuous engagement is a key objective of app maintenance. Unless you have that continuous engagement, your app is probably going to fail ultimately. When an app is well-designed and maintained, engagement continues grows.

An important way to raise your levels of continuous engagement is to have dynamic content that’s being integrated by a real person.

Your users want to feel like there’s always something new going on in the app, which is what is going to lead them to keep using it. In some cases, this can be done by content creators, but it depends on the exact nature of the what the dynamic changes are.

How Much Should You Budget For Maintenance?

Okay, so now, the really important question. How much is it going to cost to maintain an app once it’s published?

Well, if you go with a good developer from the start, your prices for maintenance are going to be lower.

Quality, experienced developers will build an app that’s inherently designed for scalability, so it’s easier to keep your maintenance costs contained and also know how to estimate them.

If you hire a good developer, count on budgeting around 20% of your initial development costs for maintenance, per year.

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