Is a Degree in Graphic Design Worth It?

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Is a Degree in Graphic Design Worth ItA degree in graphic design can be either a graduate or post-graduate qualification, with programs focusing on the study of print, video, and web design. With a graphic design degree, students can choose from several areas of specialization and there are numerous well-paid career options available for those who have obtained a graphic design degree. However, there are several setbacks to studying to degree level. Rising tuition fees are an issue for many students, whilst courses can be quite intense and require a high level of dedication. Consider these benefits if you’re wondering whether or not a degree in graphic design is the best choice for you.

#1. Credibility in the Industry:

Many graphic designers work as freelancers or start their own design companies, which is possible with or without a degree in graphic design. However, being highly qualified in your field will give you more credibility and trustworthiness in the design industry, particularly when you are going through the process of finding your first clients.

#2. Learn New Skills:

Another reason to consider taking a graphic design degree is the fact that it’s a great way to build on your existing graphic design skills and learn new ones, making for better employability in the future. As a graphic designer, the more skilled you are, the more of an asset you become to employers or clients with a view to hiring you as a freelance contractor. For example, if you’re currently skilled with designing images, taking your degree in graphic design could help you expand your skill-set to video and web design. Visit the With My Degree website for more information.

#3. Access to Design Software:

You may also want to consider the access to design software that you may be given free of charge as a graphic design student. For example, the popular Adobe set of design tools usually costs over $1,000, so it’s worth thinking about the savings that you’ll make when it comes to getting the right software. Don’t forget that along with using the design software for learning and practicing their newly found skills in the classroom, students can also take advantage of using it to market their skills and expertise as a graphic designer to make an income.

#4. Cheaper, Flexible Alternatives:

If you want to study for a graphic design degree but are worried about the cost or the commitment of doing so, then you’ll be glad to hear that cheaper, flexible alternatives are available in the form of online degree programs. Studying for your graphic design degree online comes with a range of great benefits, including cheaper tuition fees, which are usually around one-third of the regular price for a campus-based program. In addition, you’ll also enjoy more autonomy over your studies and the ability to tailor your degree program to fit around your life.

If you have great graphic design skills, you might be wondering if studying for a degree is worth it. These are just some of the benefits that prove investing in a graphic design degree program is a good career call.

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