3 Powerful Marketing Strategies When on a Tight Budget

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Marketing Strategy

Have you ever seen why some movies are able to earn more than others, even though both film types have interesting plots? The primary reason behind it is lack of proper marketing. To be honest, marketing requires a considerable budget that will take care of fabricating the reputation of any project, and not just movies. Even for startup companies, lack of budget to market their brand can result in average performance for the business. You do not want that to happen for your business either. However, if you are lacking a decent budget to market your business, then you will need to follow the following strategies. Hence, look into the following tips to increase your chances of becoming a better brand despite a very tight marketing budget.

  • Use Guerilla Marketing

This marketing technique may not always offer customers what they want literally, but the method does enable a startup to compete with major players in the business. If you have been following smartphone news recently, then you will learn about a phone launch coverage by the name of Lenovo Z5. The company claimed that it would have some of the best features like four TB storage, 45-day battery life, and over 90% screen-to-body ratio. However, on launch, the customers were not given what they were promised.

The reason behind this tactic was to create enough popularity among the customers. You may be thinking, “What about the image of the company?” Apparently, Lenovo is not that big of a company that its image will be affected compared to other major players like Apple or Samsung. Similarly, a new startup may also necessary have to face hate from the people. Thus, Guerilla marketing can have a massive effect on the targeted crowd. The above example is just one of the many techniques used in this type of advertising.

  • Using social media to socialize

With a huge population using social media, your best bet to promote your brand is through social media websites. This platform will enable you to say what you have to without spending too much. While you can do it even free of cost, you can spend a few bucks to promote your brand online. If you are interested in Craigslist type directories, then you can use the services at Zoom The List for business purposes.

  • Focus on content

Tight budgets for promoting your brand can be supported using quality content as well. If you have the skills to write well, then you can apply some successful SEO techniques to create great content and post it on your business website. Let Google use its crawler bots to go through your website and give you a ranking online. This will enable you to show up in the search results of your potential customers, thus giving you a better chance of being chosen for your services or products.

Remember that marketing on a very tight budget is also achievable, and you can do that if you use techniques like the ones mentioned above in your strategy.

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