How to know if your small businesses digital presence is working

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Increase Your Online Traffic

For many small businesses, they set up a digital presence and that is it. There is no monitoring to see how they are performing and very little thought given to how to improve their online marketing.

Are enough of the people who land on your website actually enquiring or buying? How effective is your pay per click advertising in terms of delivering genuine clicks that turn into leads? Your social media accounts could have thousands of followers, but how do they translate into leads?

If you need advice in knowing how to really judge the success of a marketing campaign and whether you digital presence is effective when it comes to precuring business, then these tips might be able to help.

Does your website traffic convert to leads?

Your website could be one of the most top 10 popular websites in the world, but that digital presence won’t matter a bit if you aren’t converting those visitors into leads and sales. Your traffic to lead conversion can give you some idea about how effective your website is, with a good rate considered around 2 percent and above of traffic actually making an enquiry or purchase. If you aren’t achieving anywhere near that, then perhaps a website redesign or stronger calls to action are in order.

Is your pay-per-click advertising delivering?

You could be shelling out hundreds of pounds a year for PPC advertising but generating only a handful of leads through it. There are several reasons for this. One is that many clicks on display ads are accidental, with up to 60 percent of all mobile banner ad clicks being accidental. You also might be receiving fraudulent clicks whereby an advert host is artificially clicking on your ads in order to boost their own profits. If that is the case, a Click Fraud Monitoring Free Download can help prevent it.

Are you looking at the right metrics for social media?

When you look at your social media figures, what are you most interested in? Likes on a Facebook post or fans of your page? Followers on Twitter or retweets of a blog post? The biggest driver of customers to your business if neither of those things. You should be concentrating on engagement and reach. How far are your posts going, who are they reaching and what are people doing with them? Only having 1,000 people like your business on Facebook but having 500 of those click through to your website is far more beneficial than having 20,000 likes but only 200 becoming leads.

What is your email marketing open rate?

Email marketing might seem old to some, but it is still the most direct way to reach existing clients and inform them of offers and new products that are available. A positive rate of opening is considered anywhere between 28 percent and 35 percent for existing customers and 20 percent to 25 percent for those on your mailing list but who have never made a purchase. If you aren’t achieving these figures, then consider experimenting with your subject line in order to entice more people into reading. Generic subjects are particularly off putting, so consider personalization, an open ended question or even a teaser.

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