Why Video Is Essential For A Digital Marketing Campaign

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Are You Clued Up About The Power Of Video

You should appeal to as many users as you possibly can – that’s just how it works; you need the largest possible audience you can draw in order to increase sales and drive revenue. Video works by stimulating an emotional response, and asking that viewers use their experience to draw a connection with what’s being advertised. Essentially, you’re negotiating connections and experiences that aren’t necessarily there. It’s estimated that a staggering 90% of social media users access the web using a mobile phone, or small portable tablet device. Most mobile users are just that – mobile. They’re not always able to engage and concentrate for extended lengths of time as they’re on the go.

Video Appeals To Mobile Users

From 2013, the number of people using their phone to watch video content has risen by more than 233% – that’s impressive growth and precisely why your social media campaign needs to stay up with the times and on board with a universal trend. Before you upload video, you must ensure that it’s compatible across the entire scope of platforms. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on potential revenue and turning online users away at the very first hurdle. Consider using the professional services of working-beautifully.co.uk to ensure that you can reach out with video efficiently and in high quality.

Google Loves Videos

Videos have the ability to speak to an audience without them having to invest much of their time or effort. For the lazy social media scroller (this accounts for many users, after all, even water finds the easiest path), this is effectively an invitation to interact with you and your content. Video engages site users for longer. Thus, you’re exposed to potential customers for a longer time, and you can communicate what you do and what you’re about quickly. You’re more likely to appear on the first pages of Google if you have video content embedded without your material.

Social Shares

The most popular visual content over social media is, you guessed it, video material. It’s no surprise to know then the most likely content to go viral is video. Bear in mind, that users feel compelled to share content when they feel emotionally connected, and video fosters this more quickly and effectively than image and text alone. When polled, 76% of regular social media users said that they would share material with friends and common connections if they deemed it entertaining.

Garner Appeal

Video is easy to use, it’s straightforward, and it requires little effort to engage with. Put simply, just press “play,” and you’re able to watch video content. In contrast to written narrative, you needn’t concentrate with lengthy pieces of text that need sustained concentration and focus. Video appeals to the visual sense as well as the ears, meaning that viewers can enjoy a complete experience when watching video.

They Communicate Trust

If you have a product or a service to sell, then you should show potential customers and clients what level of quality they can expect with the help of a how-to explanatory video with interactive features that show how the product functions in real time. By doing this, you’re building a relationship, as long as the video content you’re creating in based on fact, and portrays accurate representation.

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