3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

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Your employees being happy is critical to your business’s chances of success. If they’re not happy, then their work will not be up to scratch, and if this is the case, then you won’t be able to provide the service that your customers demand from you. Ultimately, an unhappy employee can result in a downturn in your margins for your profit somewhere down the line.

To ensure that your employees are happy with their work, you have to be doing more than only paying them. You have to show yourself to be willing to go the extra mile, and you have to be willing to put the effort in to ensure that they feel valued and respected. Here are three things that you can be doing to keep your employees happy. 

Ensure that everybody feels involved

In life and not just in the world of work, happiness is directly linked to feeling involved — the less a person does feel like they are being included in a group, the unhappier they will be. So, it’s simple, make sure nobody is being left out in your business’s working space.

To do this, you should create a space in your working environment that is dedicated solely to socializing and mingling and, subsequently, the encouraging of employee involvement. You may have a staff room, but is it really as hospitable as it needs to be to get your employees in there and, more importantly, wanting to be in there? Is the wallpaper falling off, or is there a lingering smell in there that just won’t go away? If so, give your staff room or designated socializing space a revamp, and turn into a place in which your employees will enjoy spending time with another. It should be a space that they can spend time in throughout their working day, and it should even be a space that they can use once the working day is over.

Also, you shouldn’t forget your remote employees. You should ensure that they are made to feel as if they can stay in contact with you all day, every day, and they should also be able to feel your company culture as best as they can. To do this, you should embrace the usage of a communication platform that stays open and accessible all day, every day, and you should make sure that you invite them to any event that you host. They might not be working in the office with you, but their happiness is still paramount to the work they do and subsequently the success of your business. 

Do all you can to make them happy outside of work

Your employees being happy outside of work makes them far more likely to happy in it. When they are content at home, they get the rest they need to face each new day on the job with a renewed sense of readiness, thus, making them happier to see their daily tasks through from the moment they start them to the second they finish. So, you should be doing all you can to ensure that your employees are happy both at work and out of it.

How can this be done when you spend little to no time with your employees once the working day is over? The first thing that you should do is push them towards facing their issues, problems, and concerns in a healthy, constructive manner, as doing this will help them to free up more time for themselves during their spare time, thus giving them a chance to be happier in it. To do this, you should consider sending them on The Avatar Course, a course designed to help its students face up to their beliefs and anxieties and, more importantly, the ways in which these thoughts are forcing them to live — find out more about sending your employees on such a course by heading to the Avatar site.

The second thing that you can do to ensure a happy home life for your employees is to, every so often, offer to pay for certain things that they enjoy. Be it a ticket to watch their favorite sports team or a night away in a boutique hotel, covering the expenses of your employees’ happiness will push them to achieve it, and it’ll boost their appreciation for you too.

Make changes to your working environment

The happiness of your employees at work can be directly affected by the environment that they spend their time working in. So, don’t just focus on individual management, focus on making changes to your working space too.

To begin with, this means creating as productive an atmosphere as you possibly can by embracing ecotherapy, a type of treatment that boosts wellbeing through activities linked to nature. To do this, you have to usher the outdoors inside by bringing a plethora of live green plants into the office, by allowing for fresh air to flow through the space and by utilizing sunlight wherever you can. Also, make wholesome and healthy food choices available in the cafeteria — if you don’t have a cafeteria, then consider setting up a healthy-eating grazing station in the office, which can also be used a place for your employees to mingle with one another.

Other changes that can be made to your working environment include opening up the space to make co-working easy to access and giving the walls a lick of paint to induce a far more uplifting mood.

If you, yourself, are not happy, you cannot give your best. The same goes for your employees, and every time they step into work in a bad mood, the chances are that the work they do for will not be to the standard that you want. So, be proactive and do something about it. Instead of leaving your employees to their own devices, actually, do something that’ll boost their morale! If you’re ever stuck as to what you think you should do, make sure to remember the three pieces of advice from above.

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