Career Corner: Becoming a Full Fledged Web Designer in 2018

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Programming Languages for Web Development

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, and a web developer entering the job market requires a wide range of skills. For those who are the crux of landing a job in the web development industry, it is often not easy to find the right learning path. A cursory glance are the paths available is usually overwhelming, and it is hard to identify the platforms that you need to learn and how everything fits together at the end.

This article is about giving you all an overview of the technologies and skills that you can equip yourself with to becoming a full fledged web designer in 2018 and beyond.

The Foundation:

The right point to start is HTML & CSS. It is the very basis of everything else that you need to know about web development. Almost all websites, simple are complex is based on HTML, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a very basic way of styling your entire website easily. The strength of any building depends on the foundation, and HTML and CSS are the foundation for website development. These were essential until 2017, and will be essential for 2018 and beyond.

Programming Languages:


If you want a website to be dynamic, then you need JavaScript, as JavaScript are the building blocks of most dynamic features of websites today. Not only that, understanding Javascript is essential to work on both the backend (Node.js) and frontend platforms (Angular, React, Vue.js and so on).

Even if you have learnt JavaScript before, it is important to learn about the new features that are added to the language. For instance last years features like asynchronous functions, atomic operations and shared memory were added.


The frondend plaftorm Angular is becoming very popular and because of that TypeScript is also widely learned by people. It is an addition to Javascript and has excellent tooling.


No only in the web development industry, Python is one of the top programming languages requested  by recruiters across several technology companies. Mastering Python can help you work on GUI, web application and implement command line scripts. However, if you are planning to learn python for web development then learn frameworks like Flask or Django too.

Frontend & Backend Frameworks

Frontend frameworks helps with developing common functionality a lot faster and easier. However, there is no point in trying learn frameworks without mastering the underlying technology like Javascript. Only learning the underlying technology can help you to understand the concept of the frameworks. The most important frontend frameworks for web development are Angular, React (a complete upgrade – ‘React 16’ was released on September 2017), and Vue.js are some of the best frontend frameworks. Vue.js has had a tremendous 2017, and most of the smaller projects are done on this platform.

Though there are several backend platforms, the most important for Javascript people is Node.js and the backend platform for Python people is Django.


Git: Irrespective of the kind of source code, GIT is most widely used control system. Most of things discussed are hosted in Github.

Webpack: Webpack is the module bundler for most JavaScript apps these days. With the release of Webpack 2, and Webpack 3 in 2017 it has become the standard module bundler in the JS Universe.

Domain Knowledge

People don’t give much importance for domain knowledge and expertise. However, having a particular domain knowledge like Banking, Insurance, Real Estate or Finance can be the difference between landing a simple job and and a dream job. For instance, top web development and SEO companies have separate departments for different verticals like Real Estate Web Design or Insurance Web Design.

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