Tech-Based Solutions for Your Content Creation Business

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Tech-Based Solutions for Your Content Creation Business

In today’s world of swift content creation to tight deadlines, any shortcut can be a godsend. Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, artist, writer or designer, there’ll be parts of your job that are exhausting and boring. Usually, these are the parts the involve sharing your content, or putting the finishing touches on to each and every piece of work. This article feels your pain, and translates it into action. With the following tech-based solutions, you’ll be able to create better content in less time, maximizing your output and spending more time concentrating on the creative aspects of your work that you most relish.


Many content creation jobs involve digital hardware and software. Take the art of graphic design as an example. You’re spending days on end tweaking and editing little details on your Adobe software that can take endless hours to perfect. Purchasing a graphics tablet on which you can easily manipulate what you see on the screen will help you save time and effort in your work.

For artists, this might mean buying the latest in technologically-developed painting materials, or else using projectors or other displays to help you create your art. Even writers can benefit from hardware and software to help improve and make easier their trade.

Templates and Presets 

Enough time is taken in composing your art form for you to become ever-more disgruntled with the everyday tweaks you’re forced to time-consumingly make. Templates and presents relieve you of this undying labor, helping you simply select the vibe you’re trying to achieve, and run with it.

Let’s examine the example of photography. It’s not just about composing a delicious frame, it’s also about bringing out the colors and features that you want to expose. By using the Lightroom Presets available at, you’ll not have to worry about making hundreds of minuscule tweaks to your photos – it’ll already be a temple you can follow. The same template-based short-cuts can be found in all content creation enterprises.

Work Sharing

You also need to share your work. That’s because without sharing and marketing your output, you’re not going to find the clients to continue your content creation business. As such, you need to look to content creation sharing platforms that’ll really put your work front and center of their displays. In this field, you have a number of options.

  1. Many people choose social media to market their content. Instagram for photos and artworks, Facebook for text and videos, and Twitter to repost blog posts.
  2. Portfolio websites should be linked to all of your social media and blog sites. They’re clean and designed specifically to show off artists’
  3. Consider creating your own unique URL site with a hosting platform like WordPress, and conducting digital marketing through that site in order to gain more traffic.
  4. Search the web for other sites on which artists and creators like you are regularly publishing their content. Some may be collaborative, opening up new avenues of creation for you.

In these ways, you’ll be able to use digital technology and the latest research to really propel your content creation business to the next level.

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